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Onpage SEO is pretty simple,
especially when you have the right tool in your hands.

Why did we create Spotibo?

It might sound a bit like a cliché, but we designed Spotibo when our CEO, Janko, found that he just didn't have the right tool at his disposal, suitable enough for his job.

What has Janko to say about that?

I still remember my first SEO analysis from seven years ago like it was yesterday. It was an analysis for a really small website, and I managed to do everything manually. I went through page by page, diving in to the code, and I really loved it.

But then I started to analyse much larger websites, and I began to use different SEO tools to improve the quality of my work. Oh, do you remember Xenu?

Even though new SEO tools appeared on the market, I couldn't find the ONE.

I basically wanted to save time while working on the same tasks again and again, and I needed something that could handle really big sites.

I was especially disappointed in the fact that all SEO tools seemed to focus only on SEO, completely omitting web accessibility for handicapped people.

So, I started to develop a new SEO tool that would satisfy, at the time, mostly my own requirements. However, even then, I could easily identify an urgent need for it on the market, as well. Therefore, I created Simulyzer.

As time went on, I began to find out that other SEO specialists were having the exact same problems that I experienced. It was then that I decided to actually publish Simulyzer, so that more people could benefit from it in the same ways that I had.

Since people had quite good experiences while working with Simulyzer, but were often confused with the “i” and “y” in the name, I decided to change the name to Spotibo.

Once I became determined that I was going to get Spotibo out there so that even more SEO specialists could use it, I expanded my team. People that were my long-time colleagues at different projects decided to join me, helping me to develop this tool, step by step.

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What Is Our Mission and Our Goal?

First of all, we want to show everyone that onpage SEO is really simple. Plus we are really striving to achieve web accessibility for everybody.

Our goal is to help SEO consultants and common users handle advanced SEO analysis three times faster, also easily finding SEO issues with negative impacts on websites and businesses.

Where Are We Located?

We are located in Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia, located right in the heart of central Europe. Our country has beautiful natural attractions, really good food and beautiful women. :)

Slovakia is also a member of the European Union, NATO, WTO and others. Some really cool, successful companies, like Sygic or ESET, were launched in Slovakia, as well.

Who Are the People behind Spotibo

  • Janko, CEO

    Janko, CEO

  • Gabka, marketing

    Gabka, marketing

  • Milan, IT

    Barbora, Seo specialist

  • Janko, CEO

    Milan, Developer

  • Milan, IT

    Lubo, Advisor

  • Gabka, marketing

    Slavo, Developer

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