Make your on-page analysis easily

Spotibo is an SEO audit tool that helps you to find, in an easy and very simple way, all indexing problems, duplicate content, wrong redirects, pages with error statuses, images with missing ALT texts and much more.

1. Analyze dozens of SEO problems automatically

Insert a URL, click and see potential SEO issues right away. Unlike doubtful SEO checkers, each error or warning has its own justification. Spotibo ignores irrelevant problems like missing meta keywords or missing CSS styles in the source code.

Thanks to the automatic analyzing and evaluation, you don’t miss anything important in your on-page analysis. Honestly, how often do you check if there are two <title> tags in the source code, or if there is any blocked indexing via HTTP header?

2. Save hours of your time

You can perform your on-page SEO analysis several times faster with Spotibo.

Find all of the important information in just one report:

Make advanced SEO analysis in up to three clicks

To keep things simple, we have only two key functions that you can use. It’s very easy to learn, so you won’t need to study any complicated manuals.

Handle everything without Excel or Google spreadsheets

Imagine that you have to filter 1,000,000 rows of data in Excel. Annoying, right? While working with Spotibo, you can crunch all data directly in our interface. Even complicated ones.

But if you still wish to work in Excel, you can easily export everything you need.

3. Handle complex websites

It’s on the cloud, so you are not limited by your computer or RAM.

Our web crawler runs on Amazon Web Services, where the data is saved as well. Thanks to that, we can easily handle advanced analysis for websites with millions of URLs. So don’t worry, even if you have a really large site.

Google App Engine, Amazon

4. Find any SEO issues

Spotibo can detect any specific SEO issues that can have impacts on rankings. To uncover them, you only need to use two key functions.


Filter shows you only pages that cause real problems. You can also combine more filters and segment data according to your needs.

Example: Show images with missing ALT texts:

Images filter

Group by

With this function, you can group web pages with common characteristics. Do you want to see all duplicates, all 404 web pages or a list of all URL parameters on one screen? You can.

5. Get access for your team

You can make your projects accessible for everyone on the team, but also for external collaborators. No need to buy additional licenses for everyone.

If you don’t want to download and send exports to your web developers again and again, just easily share the projects with them.

6. Use your smartphone

Start analyzing on the way to work, and then check the results once you arrive.

Do it easily on your smartphone. Start analyzing a new project, look at the analysis results or just change the settings as needed. Spotibo is designed for that.

You can use filter or group by functions, too. However, performing advanced SEO analysis on a phone is not as fast and comfy as on a computer or a tablet.