Data grouping at Spotibo

With this function, you can aggregate web pages with common characteristics.

Do you want to see all duplicates, all 404 web pages or a list of all URL parameters on one screen? You can.

You can group pages by these elements:

Group by element Description
Paths Drilldown Grouping by the same URL path
Parameters Drownhill Grouping by the same used parameters in the URLs
Title Grouping by the same title tag
Meta Description Grouping by the same meta description tag
H1 Grouping by the same H1 heading
Duplicates Grouping by duplicate URLs, with the exact same content
Incoming Link Texts or ALT Grouping by the same anchor texts or ALT tags of an incoming link
Level Grouping by the level of URLs in the website structure
Canonicals Grouping by the canonical URLs
Status Code Grouping by a status code of the URL
Finally Redirected to Grouping by final URLs
Final Status Code Grouping by a status code of the final URL (if redirected)
Counts of Redirects Grouping by a status code of the URL

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