How to find duplicated meta titles

This is how you begin when using Spotibo:

  1. At the left sidebar, choose the Web pages category.
  2. Click on the Group by button and choose “Title”.
  3. Click on the Change columns button and choose  “URL” and “Title”.
  4. After clicking the Apply button, you can see the results in the table summary.

duplicated title 1

Filtering of pages with the real issues

After page grouping, you still have a lot of data to process.

Use filters and try to exclude or include pages as necessary.

For instance, you can exclude noindexed pages, which will never be displayed in SERPs results.

  1. Use the Filter function: Exclude “Search Engines Access”, “Any bot” and “Noindex” (as you can see in the picture below).
  2. Click on Apply.

duplicated title 2

Where to go next: