How to analyze an optimal length of meta title

This is how you begin when using Spotibo:

  1. At the left sidebar, choose the Webpages category.
  2. Use the Change columns button and pick “URL”, “Title” and “Title Length”.
  3. After clicking the Apply button, you can see the results in the table summary.

title length 1

Short or long meta title

The fastest way how to see only pages with short or long meta title:

There are more ways how to apply filtering for this analysis, and it’s completely up to you how you use it.

For instance, in order to see only titles with number of characters less than “35” that are too short:

  1. Use Filter and include “Title”, which is less than 35.
  2. Click on Apply.

title length 2

You can use more filters at the same time.

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