Exponea – Partner that trusts us

Exponea is a customer data platform that enables marketers and e-commerce teams to design, test and execute personalized acquisition, retention and win back campaigns. The company has recently been recognized by G2Crowd as one of the highest-ranking platforms available.

Exponea cooperation

Together with the company’s growth, a good SEO strategy has become fundamental in reaching even higher peaks. So, we were there to offer up our contribution. Exponea has decided to start collaboration with us and gain advantages from our expertise.

They have been creating great content and resources, reaching out with content marketing, and working on SEO during the past years. But one piece of the puzzle was still missing – link building.

Together with Lukas Sitar, SEO specialist in Exponea, we’ve decided to work on various strategies in order to earn as many high quality backlinks as possible. We can name a few of them:

  1. Links from the companies with whom they have existing relationships
  2. Brand mentions which came in the existence in the past and ongoing mentions
  3. Links from web lists of various marketing and sales resources
  4. Mentions in lists of best customer data platforms
  5. Guestblogging on many well-know websites to support traffic and backlinks focusing on topics such as customer lifetime value, e-commerce personalization or customer lifecycle management

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