Benefits of our Features

We are determined to help you find, in an easy and very simple way, all your indexation problems, duplicate content, wrong redirects, pages with error statuses, images with wrong ALT descriptions and much more.

1. Save Hours of Your Time

Handle your onpage SEO analysis up to three times faster with Spotibo.

Find all important information in just one click:

Status codes ratio Content Factors Images report Redirects report Error pages (404, 410, 400, 500, 501, 503)


Make advanced SEO analysis in up to three clicks

No kidding. To keep things simple, we only have two key functions that you will use. No complicated manuals will be needed, because this is super easy to learn.

Handle everything without Excel or Google spreadsheets

Imagine that you have to filter 1,000,000 rows of data in Excel. Unpleasant, right? While working with Spotibo, you can crunch all data directly in our interface. Even complicated ones.

Show details in part 3 (Find hidden issues).

2. Handle Complex Websites

Work smoothly and forget about your PC freezing.

When analysing with Spotibo, you are not limited by your computer or your RAM, as you are with some other tools.

Our web crawler runs on Google servers, and our data is saved in Amazon Web Services.

Thanks to that, we can easily handle even advanced analysis for websites with millions of URLs. So, don't worry, even if you have really large site.

Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services

3. Find Hidden SEO Issues

Detect SEO issues that can have negative impacts on your website with our two key functions.


Filter shows you only pages that cause real problems. Simple as that. You can also combine more filters and segments data, according to your needs.

Example: Show pages with meta description longer than 155 characters:

Include pages with meta description longer than 155 characters

Group by

With this function, you can group by web pages that have some common characteristics.

Do you want to see all duplicates, all web pages with the same URL or a list of all URL parameters, in one screen? You can.

See Filters & Groups on real examples:

Duplicate title Non-canonized duplicate pages Group by Anchor texts Image ALT analysis Redirect chain analysis


4. Get Access for Your Whole Team

Buy only one subscription and have access for anyone in your team.

Share projects with everybody

No need to resend all your reports to your colleagues. Just share them.

You can put all your projects in one place and work as a team, because projects are available online for everyone.

Share access with your web developer

… or with other external collaborators.

As soon as you find any new SEO issues, you can just send the link with a report to your web developer. You don't have to resend exports in Excel anymore.

5. Use Your Smartphone When Analysing

Start analysing on the way to work and check the results once you have arrived.

If you want to start analysing a new project, have a look at analysis results or just change your settings, you can easily do that by simply using your smartphone. Spotibo is designed for that.

You can find even more functions in the mobile version. However, from our own experience, we have found that it’s not always easy to handle advanced SEO analysis on the phone.

Upcoming Features to Expect

We would like to live in the world where managers and marketers don't need to have technical SEO skills, leaving more time for creative work. And we are getting there. That's why we are currently considering the following features:

Automatic Evaluation

There are tens, if not even hundreds, of problems in SEO that you need to check monthly or even daily. It is necessary for your business.

These problems concern duplicate web pages, missing ALT description, missing H1, broken links and more.

But imagine if you didn’t need your SEO checklist anymore, and that you could detect those problems as soon as they occur.

We are creating the following features that will do that for you:

Monitor Spotibo will continuously monitor your onpage SEO for you.

Alert When new problems occur, we will immediately send you an email about it.

History We will remember and preserve all problems that occur and all changes that you make.

Web Accessibility for Everyone

Not only search engines need to understand content on web pages.

If you know someone who is blind, you know that he or she needs to use a specific software called Screen Reader that helps them with orientation on the web, reading everything that can be seen on the website.

But imagine that your website is missing images descriptions or H1. Screen Reader can't correctly read that for those who are blind.

This is what we want to achieve. We want web accessibility for everyone.

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