Technical SEO Services

We are a team of SEO consultants with nine years of experience
and developers of the SEO audit tool.

Technical SEO audit

We will help you maximize the SEO potential of your site visibility in organic search. We will analyze and help you correct all possible SEO issues on your site.

Why SEO audit by Spotibo?

You will get clear recommendations, assignments and further assistance. You will know:

What impact will the audit have on ROI

We are strongly focused on ROI. Our recommendations are targeted on the real growth of organic traffic and revenue.

We will not recommend you to fix hundreds of negligible issues, but perhaps 10 huge problems instead. And each of them will have a real impact on your business goals.

Firstly, our predictions are based on nine years of experience. Secondly, we’ve worked on complex websites where we’ve brought hundreds of thousands of visits and millions of euros (check case studies).

What exactly you have to do

We will give you a list with recommendations, so you can implement tasks immediately.

We will not advise you basic best practices, such as: “you have 500 not found error pages, so find them.” Instead of that, you will get tailor-made recommendations from our SEO specialist: “in complete detail of every product of your e-shop, a link to a non-existing URL is generating, fix it as follows…”

How to do it

In the SEO audit, you will find suggestions on who should incorporate changes and how.

Instead of the general “Remove 404 pages from the site”, you will get “Let web developer a) modify the link generation in product details from the wrong url at, b) redirect the wrong URL to the correct one by status code 301.”

We have developed an SEO audit tool, so we understand how web developers work, because we communicate with them every day.

What does the service include?

You will receive specific assignments, which will be discussed with you continuously.

We will make sure that our document won't end up at the bottom of your drawer. Before we start our cooperation, we will send you a questionnaire to find out your expectations and goals.

Initial Skype call

We'll ask you for more details about your site and web development. Together, we will specify the goals of SEO analysis.

SEO audit including a to-do list with priorities

You will get personalized suggestions on how to fix SEO issues step by step.

The output is a document that is about 10 - 30 pages long. You will find a personalized to-do list, which will consist of:

  • Issues according to priorities, starting with those that have the highest impact on rankings in organic search.
  • Specific recommendations for Webmasters on how exactly to remove these issues.

When finalizing the technical SEO audit, we will arrange a Skype call with you and your web developer about the results and priorities. Then we will find a solution together and, if necessary, modify them and set a final work plan.

Ongoing revisions and consultations

We will continually review the changes that have been made and, in the form of consultations, we will help with the correct implementation of our proposals.

Case studies

See how SEO audits reveal a full potential of an organic search visibility:


Are SEO audits automated?

No way. All of our audits are done manually by an SEO specialist. But we use bunch of SEO tools like Spotibo crawler and Google Search Console to gather important data about your site.

How long does an SEO audit take?

You will get personalized suggestions on how exactly to fix SEO issues up to two weeks for small sites and up to four weeks for sites with more than 100,000 web pages. After that, we will provide you with ongoing revisions and consultations.

What’s covered?

We analyze all possible technical and on-page SEO issues like duplications, indexation issues, internal linking, mobile SEO, error pages detection, XML/RSS sitemaps analysis and CTR lowering errors like missing structured data, titles, meta descriptions, etc.

The impact of each issue is evaluated by the SEO specialist according to its impact on your business goals.

A technical audit doesn’t contain competitors analysis, backlink analysis or keyword analysis.

Do you need special access to my website?

Yes, it is highly recommended. Our recommendations are targeted on your business goals, on a real growth of revenue. We ask for access to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and ideally to Google Analytics.

We will never disclose your information to any third parties. Your confidentiality is a top priority for us.

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SEO monitoring

Unexpected issues might occur sometimes, even when you have great web developers in your team. A serious bug can cause a drop of tens percent in organic search. We will take care that nothing like that happens to you. We will notice serious technical problems or drops in organic traffic within 24 hours.

If we handle and resolve the problem very fast, Google might not even notice it, therefore, no decrease in organic traffic will occur.

What does the service include?

Before the collaboration, we will send you a questionnaire to find out your expectations and goals. We'll find out if the service is right for you.

Initial Skype call

We'll ask you for more details about your site and web development. Together, we will specify the goals of SEO monitoring.

Initial deployment

First, we have to set up initial tracking settings on the site, Google Analytics settings for SEO, deploying of Search Console, deploying and setting up Spotibo and setting up a rank tracking software, as well as preparing a summary dashboard in Google Data Studio.

Automatic tests

These are often made on a daily basis. It consists of notifications about technical issues on the site and warnings on traffic or revenue drops like:

  • Robots.txt tracking
  • Tracking of changes in SEO factors on selected pages
  • Google Search Console notifications
  • Google penalty checking
  • Traffic and revenue drop alerts
  • Growth of error pages
  • Security issues

Manual check

We will make additional manual checks at least two times each month (or even more often, it all depends on your business and your goals):

  • Search engines ranking check
  • On-page and technical SEO checks like sitemap check, index coverage and issues with duplicate content
  • Backlinks check to avoid negative SEO attacks

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SEO for Site Migration or Redesign

During site migration, there is a high risk of a significant drop in organic traffic.

It is important for search engines to correctly evaluate site changes and not to degrade the site in search results. Occasionally, a drop cannot be completely avoided, but it can be minimized.

What does the service include?

It consists of multiple controls of the original and upcoming site. We will monitor the new site after the launch, so we can respond flexibly to possible complications. The specific tasks may vary, but generally, it includes the following steps:

  • An analysis of the upcoming site; we can estimate if the new site will lose visitors/revenue from organic search, and the estimated size of this loss
  • A plan on how to redirect URLs correctly from old to new ones, along with a double-check of redirects before launching the new site
  • Suggestions for editing the content of the upcoming site to minimize the risk of dropping positions of the original keywords
  • Changes in internal linking
  • Technical SEO audit of the new site
  • Monitoring after the site migration

Case studies

Check some of our clients’ site migrations without traffic loss:

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