Breakthrough update: Automation of on-page SEO analysis

Today is a big day for Spotibo. We are launching a new functionality that will make our tool more accessible to the wider audience like marketers, web developers and website owners. Additionally, SEO professionals will save hours of work and, thanks to Spotibo, they do not forget to check out important SEO factors.

Spotibo can now analyze dozens of SEO problems automatically

Our team (especially our CEO) fell in love with this tool. Not because it is our product, but because we are its users. Our work is so much easier now. We just insert a URL, click and view. We can see potential SEO issues right away. Unlike doubtful SEO checkers, any bug or warning has its own justification. Spotibo ignores nonsense like missing meta keywords or missing CSS styles in the source code.

And it’s fast. Try it yourself. How quickly can you find real issues for the first page of your website?

When the user is logged in, Spotibo analyzes all web pages on the web. Plus, it is free for up to 500 web pages. This means that most bloggers and small businesses don’t have to pay for an SEO analysis at all.

After a few minutes, the analysis is complete, and the user can see at first sight how many pages are duplicates, how many of them are blocked for indexing, how many headlines are missing, and so on.

Spotibo doesn’t have thousands of functions. And that’s why we love it. Unfortunately, most SEO tools are often unnecessarily large and evaluate irrelevant things. It just takes time to get to the real problem, and honestly … SEO is not rocket science.

Our journey is clear. We want to make on-page SEO analysis easier for web developers and marketers and help SEO specialists not to miss something important. Honestly, how often do you check to see if by chance, there are two <title> tags in the source code, or if there isn’t any blocked indexing via HTTP header? For us, it is now a part of each on-page checkup. Because we use Spotibo 🙂

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  • Hello,
    really a great post.
    after this I want to try your software.
    There are many similar on the net, but your love for your work have convince me that it is unique.
    Thank you very much for the suggestion to call to action. I think it’s worth it.

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