Earn up to 10,000 URLs monthly at Spotibo

Not enough URLs for analyzing your project?

There are other ways to get some free URLs at Spotibo.

Take a look!

Earn 5,000 URLs by writing a review about us.

Do you have a blog and you think your audience would be interested in hearing about Spotibo? Tell them all about your experience with our SEO tool, and we will reward you.

Note: In order to write a review, you will probably need more URLs beforehand. Contact us at gabka@spotibo.com.

Earn 2,000 URLs by mentioning us.

Not ready just yet to write an entire new article about your experiences with using Spotibo? No problem. We will reward you even for a mention from your website or blog to our SEO tool or content.

Earn 1,000 URLs for a Twitter mention or a Facebook share.

Think that your audience on your social networks would be interested in hearing about Spotibo? If so, share it with them, and you’ll get a nice amount of URLs to analyze in return.

Earn 500 URLs by filling out our survey.

We know that time is money. So, we don’t want anything for free. If you can find just three minutes of your time to fill out our survey about Spotibo, we will give you 500 URLs to analyze.

What else you need to know?

Once you earn the URLs, you will receive those each and every month during the period of one year.

For example, if you tweet about us, you will get 1,000 more URLs to analyze. If you use those, you will get another 1,000 URLs the following month. This will continue for one year. So in total, you will get 12,000 more URLs to analyze during the course of one year.

To avoid any misunderstandings in the future, please read our 6 simple rules for Spotibo’s reward system.

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