We received a seed investment of € 240,000

We are very excited to briefly share with you an essential milestone in the development of our SEO tool Spotibo.

A few weeks ago, we received a seed investment of € 240,000 to develop our application.

The primary participant is the First Slovak Investment Group a.s., with an investment of €220,000. We are pleased about this cooperation with trusted investors who have, for example, supported the creation of the SME journal (one of the most prominent journals in Slovakia). The company cooperates primarily with big players that have sales in the several million. That’s why we are delighted that our project drew their interest as well.

The second partner with an investment of € 20,000 is Ľubomír Jochim, the former director of S.M.B projects in Petit Press (the Slovak media house that covers SME journal as well), who at the present time participates with Spotibo as a business consultant.

Together with the contribution of our founder and professional SEO specialist, Ján Januška, we have over € 250,000 available. Ján helped to increase sales from organic traffic on many projects over the past seven years.

And there it is. The project, which initially started as a hobby, has just become a young startup in the serious business world.

For more information about Spotibo, investments and project members, please visit our Presskit.

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