Working with columns at Spotibo

You can explore various information about each URL by choosing different Columns in the Explorer section.

You can find this info about each URL of your website:

 Column name Description
URL An analyzed URL
Title A title tag on the URL
Title Char. Length A title length in characters
Title Pixel Length A title length in pixels
Title Count A number of title tags in HTML header
Meta Description  A meta description tag on the URL
Meta Desc. Characters  A meta description length in characters
Meta Desc. Pixel Length A meta description length in pixels
 Meta Desc. Count A number of meta description tags in HTML header
H1 An H1 heading of the URL
Count of H1 A number of H1 headings in HTML header
All Headings A structure of all headings found on the URL
 Column name Description
Incoming Link Texts or ALT An anchor text or an alt tag of a link element
Incoming Links Count A number of links incoming to the URL
First Linked URL A first crawled internal page linking to the URL
Incoming Crawlable Link A link to the URL is crawlable for search engines
Level A level of the URL in website structure; Level 0 is a homepage. Any higher number means a page lower in the structure
Links Count A number of all internal and external links found on the URL
 Column name Description
Finally Redirected to A final URL of a redirected page
Final Status Code A status code of a final page to which points a redirection
Redirect Chain (URLs) First URL in the redirect chain between the first redirected URL and the final URL
Redirect Chain (Status Codes) A status code of the first URL in the redirect chain between the first redirected URL and the final URL
Count of Redirects Filtering by number of redirects from the first to the final URL
Redirect Loop A page is redirected to itself or to a page B, which is redirected to the page A again
 Column name Description
Canonicals A reference to a canonical URL or defined self-redirecting
Index/Noindex Index or noindex meta tag in HTML or HTTP header
Follow/Nofollow Follow or nofollow meta tag in HTML header
Crawl Permission (robots.txt) Disallowed crawl permission in robots.txt file
Other bot directives Another crawl permission (e.g. “nocache”)
Content Type Type of content on the URL (e.g. text, image, application, pdf)
Charset Text coding (e.g UTF-8, UTF-16)
Time of Last Crawl Time of the last URL crawl with Spotibo
File Size Size of a file on the URL, in KB

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